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BMW - Seamless

 BMW / Seamless 

Connectivity is key for car brands, but in people's digital routine, BMW is not yet top of mind. How can we change that?
We created a series of fast-paced animations that stand out through seamless transitions, emphasizing how smoothly the app can digitally solve people's everyday life situations. Together with the animations, we created three similarly looking, minimalistic print/digital ads and a microsite that will better advertise all the key features of BMW's Connected driving assistant.
FCB Health - R.I.P. Rappers

 FCB HEALTH / R.I.P. Rappers 

The campaign #RIPRAPPERS mourns opioid-crazy artists while they are still alive. We create murals in the streets and obituaries in music magazines. When the stunned Hip-Hop community goes on our website, they learn more about the drug's deadly side effects. 
And we encourage them to send the rappers a powerful message:
Stop glorifying opioids!
ADC Germany - Bronze
One Show - Merit
ADC Global - Merit

 Fur 4 Animals / #Tap2Change 

Why is fur still a thing?
To finally kill supply and demand, we need an ad that never stops.
The world's first reversible GIF ad comes in a never-ending loop, fits
perfectly to all social media and boils our message down to the core.
All it takes to reverse the cycle and bring the fur industry to a halt is one tap.
D&Ad New Blood - Wood Pencil
SONNET - Insurace Made Easy

 SONNET / Insurance Made Easy 

By digging into our audience's minds, we reveal how confusing, difficult and time consuming getting insurance is.
Through the use of pop culture, visual queues like memes and GIFs, we made it easier for Millennials to identify Sonnet's strengths with humor 
and language they use and understand in the online environment.
One Show - Silver Pencil
ADC Germany - Winner
ADC Global - Merit

 Penguin / Details Made Obvious 

In an ever-changing digital world, audio books have become a must-have for everyone. But how to show the advantages over classic books?
When listening to audiobooks, the headphones cancel the outside noise, creating a more intimate environment and making it much easier to follow the story and very hard to get lost even in the most intricate details.
Lürzer's Archive Student Of The Year 2018 Nominee
MAS Digital Star
Nike - Audacity & Happiness

 Nike / Audacity & Happiness 

In Brazil, football (soccer) is considered a religion.
Everyone plays it and there isn't a soul that doesn't love or believe in it.
Nike, in collaboration with Neymar and the artist Bruno Big, have created
a specially designed limited edition of cleats. They are based on Neymar's
tattoos that symbolize Audacity and Happiness.

The campaign revolves around the dedication of Brazilian children and young
boys to doing one thing incredibly well - playing football. They have the audacity
to ignore poverty and the conditions in which they live, in order to make their
dream come true and become the unseen stars driven only by happiness.
HAPPINESS.gif (2).gif
British Airways - Easy To Spot

 British Airways / Easy to Spot 

British Airways is a fast growing airline that is constantly hiring pilots.
But sometimes it's really hard to find the ones who are truly exceptional. 
The print campaign consists of three ads that emphasize one of the most
important must-haves when it comes to airline pilots - perfect eyesight.
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