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Hey there!

Kudos for making it so far! I'm quite fond of you already and hope you feel the same way about my book.

I'm Stefan, an art director who can name most of the buildings visible outside my window - in short, you're looking at the only architect + art director + drummer in the world. Probably. 

I make ideas look and feel great, I like challenges and I want to join a shop with great creative people with whom I can jam, come up with awesome ideas and drop the hottest campaigns of the decade. Win some awards too!

Sounds good? Send me an email at

New York Festivals

Silver - Social & Influencers

Bronze - Film

One Show

Silver - Integrated


Silver - Film

Bronze - Social Media


Grand Prix - Integrated

Gold - Healthcare

Silver - Healthcare

2x Bronze - Social & Influencers



Cannes Lions

Gold - Film

Gold - Health & Wellness

Silver - PR

Bronze - Direct

Bronze - Social & Influencers

Bronze - Film

Golden Drum

Grand Prix - Health & Wellness

Grand Prix - Content

Grand Prix - Covid-19

Gold - Film

Gold - Integrated

Gold - Film Craft

Bronze - Engagement


Wood Pencil - Film (Cinema)

Wood Pencil - Film (Social)

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